Amazon and American Girl Explore Civil Rights in An American Girl Story — Melody 1963: Love Has to Win

Channel Guide Magazine reviews Melody 1963: Love Hast To Win, An American Girl Story. “This film is an excellent first step in introducing children to the Civil Rights movement and touches on race-based issues that still — unfortunately — exist...
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Amazon’s New ‘American Girl’ Movie Boldly Takes on Racism and Police Violence

Fortune Magazine reviews Amazon’s Melody 1963: Love Has To Win, An American Girl Story. Read the entire review here.
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The directors of ‘Queen Sugar’ explain how Ava DuVernay fostered a community of female creators

Ava DuVernay’s Queen Sugar features an all female directorial team. In this article, this sorority of directors discuss the game changing opportunity. “We just never had the opportunity,” said Tina Mabry, another renowned indie filmmaker who...
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Writer/Director Tina Mabry Talks About Truth, Challenging Audiences and Why She Ditched Law School for Hollywood

Tina Mabry is interviewed by Black Cinema Database on her career, process, and passion. Read the entire article here.
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Our Diverse 100: Meet Tina Mabry, the director turning negatives into positives

The LA Times lists 100 people who could help fix the academy’s diversity problem. Tina Mabry is named among those creatives who are making work that challenges the status quo. Read more here.
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Interview: ‘Mississippi Damned’ Director, Tina Mabry, Brings Darkness into Light

Serving Cinema’s Joey Nolfi interviewed Tina Mabry about her career, process, and themes she likes to explore in her work. A version of this article was later published in Curve Magazine. Read the entire article here.
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The 4%: Here’s What the Film Industry Thinks About the Hollywood’s Gender Problem

Women direct only 4 percent of the top movies over the past 13 years – and it’s time to change that. Tina Mabry is among writers, directors, and actors who weigh in on this issue. Watch below and get more information here.
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Tina Mabry’s Interview with Hollywood Breakthrough

Tina Mabry talks with Danielle Tillis from Hollywood Breakthrough about writing, process, obstacles, and Mississippi Damned. Listen to the podcast here.
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Tina Mabry’s Interview with Invitation Tupelo

Invitation Tupelo’s interview with hometown girl, Tina Mabry. Read the article below. Save Save
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Wolfe Releasing Acquires Tiger Orange

Wolfe Releasing will distribute Tiger Orange worldwide! That’s right. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see the film, you will soon get your chance. Wolfe Video is a boutique, artist-friendly distributor with a stellar catalogue of...
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