New York Times on One Bad Cat

Click here to see what New York Times has to say about ONE BAD CAT.
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Entertainment Weekly’s Review of One Bad Cat

Click here to read Entertainment Weekly’s Review of ONE BAD CAT.
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The Village Voice Review of One Bad Cat

Click here to read the Village Voice’s review of ONE BAD CAT.
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News Blaze Reviews One Bad Cat: The Reverend Albert Wagner Story

Click here to read News Blaze’s review of ONE BAD CAT.
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Notes from the CIFF: Review of One Bad Cat

Click here to read the review.
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Black Women Filmmakers Discuss Queer Portrayals in Media

Click here to read the The Bay Area Reporter article in which Tina Mabry discusses queer portrayal in film.
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Note to Lesbian Filmmakers: Mainstream Hollywood is “Secretly Bored”

AfterEllen covers the 3rd Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival in San Francisco where Tina Mabry joins Cheryl Dunye and Shari Frilot to discuss representations of Queer Black Women in Media. Click here to read the article.
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Review of Walk in the Light from CinemATL Magazine

“Neither playing the pathos card nor manipulating reality to manufacture an Us vs. Them dynamic, director Morgan Stiff has crafted a powerfully effective documentary about the role faith plays in the LGBT community…WALK IN THE LIGHT is a...
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Working It: African-American Female Directors Look Outside The Box

Tina Mabry speaks to A-List Magazine about making it as a African-American Female Director in Hollywood. Click here to read the entire article.
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